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we were just married on July 9, 2011. (07.09.11)

we were married right off of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton at a sweet little resort called Oceanside Marina Suites. the resort overlooks Oceanside Harbor and provided an incredible back drop for our special day. it was everything i had ever dreamed of, and then some. 

i’m not a very fancy person and it was the perfect, laid back, beach atmosphere we’d always wanted. the weather was perfect, our chiffon dresses made an excellent beach/harbor wedding choice, and the yellow was the perfect pop of color for the blue-green back drop. on top of that, my handsome Marine looked dashing (as always) in his dress blues!

i’m posting these pictures because when i was scouring the internet for Marine Corps wedding ideas, i realized, there were very few. i’m hoping these photo’s, along with the site info, will help another bride-to-be on her planning process! 

this site was a great location in Oceanside because it offers spaces for indoor as well as outdoor pictures! we also loved it for the seclusion. we rented a room with a kitchen in it to allow us to keep all our food at the correct temperature before displaying it during the reception. our wedding was truly done on a shoe-string budget, and it was sincerely the wedding of my dreams!

[photo cred.: brooke aliceon photography]

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